Portable Cell Phone Jammer From LightInTheBox

Product link: www.lightinthebox.com [US.14] Use this portable device to create a temporary cell phone traffic “dead zone”. Once turned on, all cell phones within a 0.5 to15 meter radius of the device will not be able to make or receive phone calls. Attention: The use of jamming equipment is prohibited in some countries. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have the legal right to purchase this product before buying it from LightInTheBox.com. Upon purchasing, the customer becomes wholly liable for any legal issues that may occur as a result of the importation and/or use of this product in any given country.

16 thoughts to “Portable Cell Phone Jammer From LightInTheBox”

  1. i? have this same unit. too bad it only works from about a foot or two away, just like the video shows.

  2. well thats completely worthless. maybe i might be able to boost the power on? it and give it longer range

  3. hook it up to a parabolicdish anda gunplexor..blast up to 2 miles line of sight….they build em that way so you have to think outside the? box DERERRRERRRRERE

  4. This is cool and all but why would anyone need one? Unless you’re going to siege a residence. There’s no other point then to piss people off or inconvenience others.?

  5. Search? youtube for detracktor for a solution to cell phone spying, hacking, eavesdropping, stalking and tracking.

  6. Yeah, I suppose you’re suggesting that you need to jam people’s phones at the movies.
    Well I don’t know about you, but where I live we have the courtesy and politeness of not using our phones in the movies. We may text on our phones, but with the noise? turned off and the light dimed.

  7. I heard that Movie Theaters are going to start using them. so? people wont text or use there phones during the movies! Sweet.

  8. Or those who insist on yelling into a cell phone while on a bus for 15+ minutes. Very tempting to build? one of these…

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