Cell Phone Jammers : High Power Portable Signal Jammer for Cell Phone (CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G)

High Power Portable Signal Jammer – a powerful and portable solution for completely blocking nearby cell phones. With this HIGH POWER Portable Signal Jammer, you get a TRUE working radius of up to 20 meters. So how does it work? Just turn it on when conducting your company presentation, meeting, worship service, legal proceedings, or other important activities, and you will instantly have complete security and a disturbance-free environment. At a Glance… High powered portable signal jammer is Palm Sized Highly portable design, easy to carry 20 meter jamming radius Highly efficient jamming effect by the high power of 3Watt design Car adaptor available Optional cover to make the jammer more convenient to carry No setup necessary; turn it on for immediate jamming Internal cooling allows for extended use Technical Specifications Isolating Signal Bandwidth: – 850-894/925-960/1805-1880/1920-1990 3G 2110-2170MHz Output Power: 2.5W Power Source: Wall plug, car adapter, or built-in battery Working Time: 60minuters Typical Battery Life: 2-3 hours of continuous use Jamming Radius: Up to 0-20 Meters (Signal ?-75dBm) Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 Celsius Operating Humidity: 5% to 80% Power supply: 100-240v, 12v Dimension: 112 x 62 x 30 mm Color: Silver Accessories High Power Signal Jammer AC Charger Car Charger Leather Case Detachable Antenna x4 User Manual



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Cell Phone Jammer

A Secondary School in Port Hardy purchased a cell phone blocker and installed it into there school. The students looked into it on the internet and found out that it was illegal to use a cell phone blocker here in Canada. The Principal then removed the blocker after finding out that it was illegal to use.

The Cell Phone Jammer Story

The Cell Phone Jammer Story WHY do people use cell phone jammers? – Stop Obnoxious Cell Phone Abusers – Block Covert Eavesdroppers – Prevent Secret Tracking – Disable Cell Phone Triggered Explosives (IEDs) HOW do cell phone jammers really jam cell phones? Testing a Real Cell Phone Jammer 1) The Setup includes: – High-powered Spectrum Analyzer scans defined frequency ranges. – We used Tektronix’s robust SA2600. – Spectrum Analyzer configured to monitor cellular frequency 1800MHz, with span intervals of 20MHz. – Active cellular use detected within proximity. – 1933key’s 30m Cell Jammer (J15P01B) test application. 2) Turn ON Jammer. Watch spectrum analyzer signals burst, dwarfing all cell signals in the frequency range. 3) Witness EFFECTIVE cellular interference. Handsets and cell phones receive error messages such as No Signal, No Service or No Network Service. Cellular silence and anti-IED protection achieved. 4) Turn OFF Jammer. Watch spectrum analyzer signals normalize. By effectively knocking out cell phone signals, 1933key’s jammers help provide both protection & privacy. With 1933key’s 30m Cell Jammer (J15P01B), you see for yourself HOW Do Cell Phone Jammers ACTUALLY Jam Cell Phones to eliminate cellular intrusions and threats. By multiplying signals across target frequency ranges used by cell phones (handsets), 1933key cell phone jammers effectively disrupt signals to and from broadcasting base stations. The signals are not really “lost” or “absent”, but rather

How to Stop Cell Phone Abusers

All I wanted was a peaceful ride on the train, but Mr. Mouth kept talking. With my 1933key Cell Phone Jammer, I did finally get some rest. The jammer I used is 1933key’s 30m Cell Jammer (J15P01B), which costs about US0 (NTD00) including shipping. Why people use cell phone jammers – mobile phone blockers? * Personal: Eliminate Cellular Interruptions & Nuisances. * Corporate: Prevent Cellular Security Breaches. * Safety: Enforce Safety Hazard Policies. * Military: Block Cell Phone Triggered Explosives. 1933key.com “For Peace, Privacy & Personal Counter-Surveillance”