Cell/phone Jammer review

This is a review of the portable cell/phone jammer bought at deal extreme if you want one go to this link but unfortunately deal extreme no longer sells this…

2012 New cell phone jammers 10W CTS.VPX

www.ctstechnologys.com CTS-VPX is the NEW jammers of 2011. With perfect designed electronic boards and high quality USA RF components, it can works stably 24*7 hours without breakdown *Excellent construction reducing the heat and increasing the working efficiency in order to ensure the stable operation *ALC (Automatic Level Control) technology.0~30W line adjustable each band to adjust the jamming range freely (applied for a patent) *High efficiency and small volume. In order to better serve our customers, CTS products to meet customer’s demands according to customer’s request.

GPS/Cellphone Jammer or WIFI jammer (immobilizer, Disabler)

www.ctstechnologys.com GPS/Cellphone Jammer or WIFI jammer (immobilizer, Disabler) *** (Block : NEXTEL, CDMA800/AMPS/TDMA/NMTP, Etacs, GSM900, GSM1800/DCS, DECT, PHS, W-CDMA, PCS1900/TACS, 3G(UMTS,CDMA2000), GPS, WIFI ( 1200/2400Mhz)—( No more suffering!!! ) GPS Jammer is employed primarily to jam the GPS based navigational systems in a tactical battlefield. The jammer is able to render the GPS services ineffective or introduce unacceptable errors in their accuracies. The equipment is man portable and capable of being mounted in vehicle, if required. The system can be quickly deployed and can be suitably ruggedized for field use.