Cell phone jammers and emergency services

Are You Concerned About Using A Cell Phone Jammer?
Cell Phone Jammers Still Allow Access To Emergency Personnel!

Are you considering using a cell phone scrambler in your building or your place of business? If so, you are probably curious about how cell phone jammers actually work — and what effect they have on cell phones.

When you use a cell phone jammer, a lower power radio signal is broadcast. This signal is capable of cutting off communication between the cell phone and its cellular base stations. When this happens, all the cell phones in the area will show “No Service” — and incoming calls are blocked. To the caller, it simply seems as if the cell phone is turned off.

Although jamming cell phones causes them to have no service, certain pre-defined zones are not blocked. By default, these zones include…

* Fire
* Police

Therefore, when you use a cell phone scrambler, you don’t have to worry about putting yourself or anyone else in danger. Rather, police, fire, and EMS radio users can still communicate, but your customers won’t be disturbed by non-emergency cell phone chatter.

Once the cell phone jamming device is turned off, the phones will automatically reestablish communication with the cellular base stations — and those affected by the scrambler will once again be able to receive cellular services. The cell phone jammer does not damage phones in any way.

Cell Phone Jammers and GPS Jammers

Do You Need A Cell Phone Jammer To Bring Peace To Your Location?
The Signal Jammer Can Supply You With The Cell Phone Blockers You Need

Cell phone jammers come in handy in any location where cell phones have a tendency to create a nuisance.

Whether you want to prevent the annoyance of incoming calls, or you want to stop people from talking incessantly on their phones around you, using a cell phone blocking device is an effective method for maintaining the quiet you desire.

There are many places and situations during which a cell phone jammer can come in handy. These include…

* Board meetings
* Churches
* Concert halls
* Conferences
* Cinemas
* Educational institutions
* Executive offices
* Libraries
* Malls
* Public transport
* Religious places
* Restaurants
* Seminars

While cell phones are certainly a great convenience, they can also be a terrible nuisance to other patrons that are disturbed by the constant chatter taking place on the phone.

Similarly, some customers hold up lines as they try to complete their conversations. With a cell phone jammer, this doesn’t have to be a problem!

While a select few of your customers may be unhappy with blocked calls, the vast majority will be thrilled that the persistent cell phone chatter that has interrupted their experience has finally been put to an end.