Mini Portable Cell Phone Jammer With Built-in Antenna – Easy To Block Phone Signal

[ ] Mini Portable Cellphone Signal Jammer With Built-in Antenna (CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/3G) Highlights… • Designed to block all GPS, GSM, CDMA, DCS system signals. • Designed to hold the antennae internally which not only cuts down on size, but is also able to be disguised as some other device. • Keep you from being tracked by GPS and cell phone signal tracking systems. • Good for schools, churches, conference rooms, hospitals and any other place where cell phones may cause a distraction or interference. • Comes with a built-in rechargeable Li-battery and can run for 120 minutes without charging. Tt can also be recharged while still in operation. Notes from Ankaka Customer Service • Small, light, nice design, and you can charge it via USB port. [ ] See more Ankaka Wholesale Jammers: [ ]

20 thoughts to “Mini Portable Cell Phone Jammer With Built-in Antenna – Easy To Block Phone Signal”

  1. @MM00100 Our QC team have checked the products one by one after they were purchased. We guarantee that each item can be used in the normal state before shipping. If the item you received? doesn’t work, please contact our customer service via and don’t forget to describe the problem clearly.

  2. I also? bought one…. Complete JUNK!!!!…. It does not work unless it is touching the cell…… What a rip off……

  3. This is a CHEAP KNOCKOFF? product that BARELY WORKS
    If you want a functioning device expect to pay around $200

  4. Search youtube for detracktor for a solution to cell phone spying, hacking, eavesdropping, stalking and tracking. ?

  5. This is crap. we use something like this in the military and it requeres a? lot of power, powerfull antenna and the unit is about the size of an old VCR

  6. i need one for this loud mouth chic i work 3 feet away from. next option is? a sledge hammer

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