How to Stop Cell Phone Abusers

All I wanted was a peaceful ride on the train, but Mr. Mouth kept talking. With my 1933key Cell Phone Jammer, I did finally get some rest. The jammer I used is 1933key’s 30m Cell Jammer (J15P01B), which costs about US0 (NTD00) including shipping. Why people use cell phone jammers – mobile phone blockers? * Personal: Eliminate Cellular Interruptions & Nuisances. * Corporate: Prevent Cellular Security Breaches. * Safety: Enforce Safety Hazard Policies. * Military: Block Cell Phone Triggered Explosives. “For Peace, Privacy & Personal Counter-Surveillance”

21 thoughts to “How to Stop Cell Phone Abusers”

  1. @sunreynyc Well, yes, you could be right, I have a friend and when we are together someone always calls her or she decides to call someone. I show her always that i am polite and shut mine off. But she does mostly not shut it off. I could jam the phone, yes. But also, since this other friend who is involved loves horror movies/games and my friend hates it when he consumes horror, I could simply tell the 3rd party to buy Amnesia – The? dark Descent. That might break it up between them.

  2. keep in mind jammers are illegal in the US 🙁 i know bummer, however i think we should be aloud to? use them in our vehicles WHILE driving or set the jammer to turn on in a vehicle once it reaches 10 mph but has a working radius of say 30 ft so people around you will be forced to drive safe too. only downside is in case of an emergency.

  3. Cool, Im actually trying to build one, but I dont have enough parts…

    I want to build a “variable” signal jammer where by my selection I can jam shortwave, cellphone, blue tooth, WiFi, satellite, etc. Basically an all purpose? jammer, but I get to choose what frequency to jam.

  4. @mmmelaney Yes, he killed the? heart attack victim being he was in so much shock he couldn’t make more calls. You’re so typical and small minded, of course it’s never been proven cell phone jammers kill. I enjoy using the jammer every day in the la w library…hey maybe I’ll get lucky and kill someone. That would be a dream that ad to come true!

  5. Where can I purchase this thing?? I went to the site,? but there is no product?? section. Please let me know

  6. @mrrodneyalong
    Did you purchase the same one in the video? If so, where did you purchase from? ? I went to the site, but there isn’t a product section to order

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