11 thoughts to “How To Make a Cell Phone Jammer Out of a TV Remote”

  1. @fatality757 A good 5 feet depending on the quality of remote And earbuds you use. Remember If you’re Getting less than five feet of range apply the ketchup to? the endings of the wire.

  2. do you have to use a cell phone battery and a tv remote for this can? you just use a smaller remote and regular batteries

  3. WTF come on people you know it’s a? fake he has no service Probily a phone that’s cut off

  4. I have a remote just like yours, same circuit board, ect. But the volume up and? down buttons are yours are changed to fast forward and rewind buttons on mine, so I can just use them, right?

  5. OMG People… You cannot make a jammer out of a remote!! shake ur head son.. Remotes use infrared (that little diode on the end of the remote you see). Its a light, that sends out a “lightwave”..cellphones have antennas that send out “radio waves”.. The sound you then hear is a cell phone signal going through to Verizon, and a message being sent back on the network… Nothing being blocked here but? the kids credit rating…

  6. @turtwig321 , that should work just fine , but just remember to have parts of the wire actually? touching the board.

  7. @rowancelt , if you passed a general science class you would be informed that if you overpower infrared rays to a certain point (i.e. with a cellphone battery) they begin not working functionally, the? infrared rays somewhat go through a stage where they lose their identity, and that’s why this works, the overpowered infrared bulb sends out a message that serves no purpose but to confuse electronic devices in the area. Thank you, goodbye.

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