How To Build A Cell Phone Interceptor

You will be able to pick up cell phone calls within a 2 mile radius and will never wonder who your girlfriend has been calling again – LOL.

20 thoughts to “How To Build A Cell Phone Interceptor”

  1. Yep!!!!!…Another MORON and whats up with these TV remotes???? These guys should post a? pic of them selves so we can publish a “MORON ALERT” through out the net!!!! Peeps please dont make this guys head big by asking stupid questions!!!! This is garbage… BigDog

  2. Please note? that twisting these wires together after connecting them to the positive and negative terminals of the remote CAN cause a FIRE if the battery’s are a heavy duty type or duracell because your making a dead short!!
    stupid f’n idiots!!!

  3. This YT-Video has been flagged for potential? illegal activities and will further be evaluated by the FCC if this covers any potential violations. Thank you, have a nice day.

  4. Try not to take life too seriously, otherwise it could become permanent and irreversible, and people will eventually realize that it was you that just had a personality and character disability; a disease which could potentially effect others around you. Amazingly, you could also learn about yourself, just by the way you project your limited vocabulary? onto others around you…..Moron. If you couldn’t tell, that was actually advice to help you….if you want more just respond back.

  5. Ok look thats probably infra red that operates on but in the event that there was a radio based remote the oscillator that generates the wave would only be on WHEN the buttons are being pressed and not constantly wasting power. Either was? there wouldnt be an oscillator attached to an antenna to receive the wave if it were the case why would the wave generated go to the battery terminals?? This i stupid in every way.

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