High Power (45W) indoor Cell phone Jammers – 100m Shielding Range

JM110826 * Four frequency bands: CDMA: 850-960MHz GSM: 1805-1880MHz GSM: 1920-1990MHz 3G: 2110-2170MHz * Output power: 45Watt (Four bands) * Power supply: ~230VAC / ~110VAC +24VDC * Antennae type choice: 5-7dBi high gain directional antennae * 7-8dBi high gain omni directional antennae * Housing: Metal enclosure * Operation temperatures:-10° … +50° C * Cooling system: Active “smart” with integrated incoming air filter * Size of Main Frame: 37.5*18*8.5 cm * Total systems weight: 14KG/set * Humidity: Up to 80% * Shielding Range: Up to 100 meters (Depends on the signal strength at the application place.) * All the parts warranty: 15 months * Certification: CE, FCC www.jammerall.com More products about cell phone jammer www.jammerall.com