GPS/Cellphone Jammer or WIFI jammer (immobilizer, Disabler) GPS/Cellphone Jammer or WIFI jammer (immobilizer, Disabler) *** (Block : NEXTEL, CDMA800/AMPS/TDMA/NMTP, Etacs, GSM900, GSM1800/DCS, DECT, PHS, W-CDMA, PCS1900/TACS, 3G(UMTS,CDMA2000), GPS, WIFI ( 1200/2400Mhz)—( No more suffering!!! ) GPS Jammer is employed primarily to jam the GPS based navigational systems in a tactical battlefield. The jammer is able to render the GPS services ineffective or introduce unacceptable errors in their accuracies. The equipment is man portable and capable of being mounted in vehicle, if required. The system can be quickly deployed and can be suitably ruggedized for field use.

13 thoughts to “GPS/Cellphone Jammer or WIFI jammer (immobilizer, Disabler)”

  1. they work for everyting, sky cameras, bluetooth, wifi, cell phones, welcome back mr?? “Bond. James Bond” haha

  2. Search youtube? for detracktor for a solution to cell phone spying, hacking, eavesdropping, stalking and tracking.

  3. Stupid “China jammers”…
    – undeclared output power
    – large ripple output power (over +/- 3dB!!! – It is less than half the power)
    – very bad adaptation of antennas (VSWR is higher than 3:1)
    – high incidence of intermodulation products around the band – ugh!
    – no protection? PA against disconnection ANT
    – no output filters
    – and most importantly – they do jamming INPUTS CELL OPERATORS!!!

    It’s very, very bad!

    In the city operate in the maximum distance from 0.1 to 2m in the building!

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