24 thoughts to “David Schwartz, ESQ.- Cell Phone Jammers”

  1. hey how can i? make one can someone send me a video showing me how to make one step by step? just comment me about it thanks

  2. i always? was annoyed with cell phones i never had one up until now only because i needed it for work and they should legalize these blockers

  3. I wish they would make a “bitch jammer”, I would definitely turn it on to get that stupid woman to shut the? hell up.

  4. The reason it’s illegal is because it’s classified as “theft of service.”? You’d be interfering with people’s ability to utilize services they paid for. Where are people SUPPOSED to use cell phones any more? I can understand in theaters, but it should not be controlled and mandated. We need to stop micro-litigating petty annoyances. You cannot nerf the whole world.

  5. So let’s say I’m walking down the street and I see somebody being assaulted and I break out my cell phone to? call 911 but I’m not getting a signal because of a jammer. I don’t know where the jammer is, it could be in a store, somebody else on the street could have one or possibly even the person doing the crime could have one… in fact, I imagine if anyone were to engage in any kind of criminal enterprise they would have to start carrying a high-powered jammer around with them.

  6. And while you are using it for? work -oops, dropped call. Someone didn’t want to listen to your business.

  7. they should be legalized if you have a emergency the business has a good land line phone? to use.

  8. My god I would like to punch that Shannon in the mouth.. She is rude.. She makes? it sound like the human race would not exist without a cell phone..

  9. So i’m sitting in a resturant eating when a man comes in and shoots two? people. The resturant manager runs out the back door. I can’ get a signal. How long does it take to bleed to death?

  10. make the cell phones work on a frequency different on 911 calls so the jammer? blocks all calls except for 911 calls

  11. should i choke a bitch with the LANDLINE phone cord: before im talking? to the 911 operator? OR after? good thing these jammers dont cut wires too!

  12. @Sloane100 Well were the people who shot yacking on there phones ruining my meal? Because if they were I still don’t want anyone to? be able to call.

    I just bought a personal one and a big one for my car and I love it.

  13. Search youtube for detracktor for a solution to cell phone spying, hacking, eavesdropping, stalking and? tracking.

  14. If your having a heart attack at a restaurant you may die while I’m asking? the restaurant owner to turn off his jamming system.

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