Cell Phone Jamming – Should It Be Illegal?

Cell phone jammers are nothing new, but they’ve seen a surge in popularity after a handful of recent incidents of citizens using the jammers to kick people off phone calls while riding public transportation. What do you think of cell phone jammers: all’s fair in calls and silence or a direct violation of individual freedoms? (March 7, 2012) —————————————————————————————— What’s Trending is the online destination for the latest trends emerging around the world of what you’re talking about through social media. Whether it’s the trending hashtag on Twitter, the hottest video on YouTube, the newest conversation on Facebook and Google+, or the biggest events happening offline, What’s Trending has it covered. Get informed and be a part of the conversation. Every Wednesday (10amPST/1pmEST), join us for our live stream where we gather the largest personalities in the social media and entertainment worlds to discuss the hottest trends of the week. In our #Influencer segment, we sit down for a one-on-one interview with the biggest trend-makers of our time. If you can’t make it to the live event, we upload all the content as video-on-demand pieces to this channel following the conclusion of the show. What’s Trending, online all the time: Join us every Wednesday at 10am PST / 1pm EST for our live show: www.youtube.com View more of our videos! www.youtube.com Subscribe! www.youtube.com Read our blog to discover more trends

10 thoughts to “Cell Phone Jamming – Should It Be Illegal?”

  1. In New Zealand they have been installing cellphone jammers in most of our prisons. In the past they have found prepaid cellphones that had been smuggled? in. So there are places where cellphone jammers have a valid use. I have heard that some movie theaters and stage productions have started to use them as well to avoid ringing cellphones or people talking on them from being a problem. If the are going to do this they should have large signs warning people as some people need them for emergencies

  2. i own one…dont? show it off and youl b fine….n to all you ppl who yak all damn day…to bad i use it when i feel it needs use..i dont just walk around willlie nilly with this thing on….use it when u feel like…then tuen it off…these things put out 500mW of emrf..the less time its activated the better….screw the FCC i want some damn peace n quiet at taco bell/dennys/lightrail….i own a fairly underpowerd small one so dont come nagging cuz im the king of assholes

  3. Once you have a jammer you discover half the phone calls are fake … the psychos are talking to themselves? … (or arguing as the guy said here)

  4. i own a 25 watt jammer i put it in my? backpack…covers 1900 and 2100 mhz 3g and cdma i love it..keeps my morning comute chill

  5. I want one for the movies.
    Actually, I’d rather use a sledgehammer on the phones of ass holes who choose? to interrupt $15 movies because they can’t get by without their phone for 2 hours or go to the lobby to use it, but I would settle for one of those jammers to avoid jail time.

  6. Ive considered doing this kinda? thing on a much bigger level,…is it possible to make one big enough too cover a big area,..like a entire 4 lane intersection,..ive looked at some of the math and anything too big will definately get you in trouble,..is there a way too it or focus it,..plz send serious comments plz,…

  7. Im talking about a portable device that would be legal of course,..the friggin fcc will seriously? kick your door down for doing this on a large scale,…i wanna focus and or direct the interrupt signal,..lol

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