25 thoughts to “Cell Phone Jammer – Disconnect Calls!”

  1. Stupid “China jammers”…
    – undeclared output power
    – large ripple output power (over +/- 3dB!!! – It is less than half the power)
    – very bad adaptation of antennas (VSWR is higher than 3:1)
    – high incidence of intermodulation products around the band – ugh!
    – no protection PA against disconnection ANT
    – no output filters
    – and most importantly – they do jamming INPUTS CELL OPERATORS!!!

    It’s very, very bad!

    In the city operate? in the maximum distance from 0.1 to 2m in the building!

  2. i have a question, how did did the shipping? take for you because iv’e not got mine yet and iv’e been waiting for 13 days

  3. “Cell phone blocking devices are used by federal officials under certain circumstances. Privacy rights of property owners may affect the policy and application of law within buildings. The FCC may issue a permit that waives the law for private use. For radio communications, it is? illegal to operate, manufacture, import, or offer for sale, including advertising. Blocking radio communications in public can carry fines of up to $11,000 or imprisonment of up to one year.” 😉

  4. how do u? u make or get an anti-jammer …. our school installed em and im trying to get around it if you could please let me know

  5. He is right… it is illegal for the school to do that. They could get into some legal trouble for doing stuff like? that.

  6. I have the same one. I use? it on a school bus and all of the bitches FREAK OUT and blame it on there service carriers it’s really funny and ones the battery dies a little bit it stops performing well

  7. @bigboy9511
    so it works good on american signal carriers?
    how long before u have to charge it?
    how far? is the farthest youv used it??

  8. @imdeadsexy777 yes it works fine on american signal but on brand new phones like the new iPhone it? dosent work very quickly i would reccomend its got about 10 minutes before you need to recharge because the battery sucks!!!! and probably 20 feet away but i reccomend the one model better if you get one

  9. @bigboy9511 so it holds a 10 minute charge? and? it doesnt work on the new iphone? how lond did it take before you got it?

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