Cell phone jammer construction

Take A Closer Look At What Makes Your Cell Phone Jammer Work

Although cell phone jammers are quite simple to operate and do not have many visible components, they do have a number of highly technical components on the inside that make it possible for them to get their signal jamming job done right.

In fact, every cell phone jammer contains electronic components such as…

* Voltage-controlled oscillator
* Tuning circuit
* Noise generator
* RF amplification

The voltage-controlled oscillator on a cell phone jammer is designed to generate the radio signal that is needed to interfere with the signal produced by a cell phone. The tuning circuit, on the other hand, allows the user to control the frequency the jammer uses to broadcast its signal. In order to control the frequency, a certain voltage is sent to the oscillator.

The typical cell phone jammer also contains a noise generator, which produces a random electronic output within a specific frequency range. This way, it can jam the cell-phone network signal that is part of its tuning circuit.

Finally, the RF amplification component is used to boost the power of the radio frequency output. This boost is used to produce a frequency that is high enough to jam the signal.jammer circuit board image

Of course, even the best cell phone jammer needs to have a power supply. In the case of smaller cell phone jammers, the power supply is usually a battery. Stronger devices, however, may need to be plugged in or can be directly wired into the electrical system of a vehicle.

Be sure to check local regulations prior to operation of these devices as there are restrictions from country to country regarding their purchase, operation, and use.