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25 thoughts to “CELL PHONE JAMMER”

  1. ??????????

  2. Hey guys! I’m trying to start a vlog also, but i made a promise not to do so until i? got enough subs. So please watch my videos and sub! Thanks! BOOP

  3. One day, me and my? dad were testing walkie-talkies and we connected to a lumber store and I requested 50 2×4’s to the front desk. Fun times.

  4. thats so me reading a book on a plane or train or bus? or anywere else books r amzing if i had a choce to kill them or cell phone jamming i would KIll them LOL 😀

  5. @MostBeastlyStudios Her name is Olga Kay, she is a fellow youtuber and Toby’s? girlfriend.

  6. Someday, Tobuscus will go? back to Starcraft and all of those poor innocent people he killed will remember his name, and blood will be shed.

  7. So toby, with the sizes of your merch..I was wondering if there was a possibility that you’d do a custom sizing thing? or larger sizes, oh! or maybe show us the the measurements 🙂 cause im? not sure if the XXL would fit me 🙁 MUST WEAR TOBUSCUS STUFF 😀

  8. Yes Toby… An Airport is exactly where you should use a cell phone jammer…. ?????????? hahahahaha you? make me laugh

  9. What the hell was that hothothot even doing in the background, she was like… directly sideways in her seat doing something. I think she was posing for the? camera.

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