Cell Phone Jammer

A Secondary School in Port Hardy purchased a cell phone blocker and installed it into there school. The students looked into it on the internet and found out that it was illegal to use a cell phone blocker here in Canada. The Principal then removed the blocker after finding out that it was illegal to use.

22 thoughts to “Cell Phone Jammer”

  1. @dave1391 Your probably some 12 year old troll , what do you even know about that? my dad works in those kind of stuff , Cellphones and electronic , i know much more about that than you. It kills peoples? , your the dumbass

  2. Search youtube for detracktor for a solution to cell phone spying, hacking, eavesdropping, stalking and tracking.?

  3. This is why you get Cisco CleanAir when your at home so these idiots who own these can get past your security system and break into your house because they don’t have? jobs. I hate morons with malicious items. Only simpletons get off on such things.

  4. @wargarkaz youre dad works with this kind of stuff?? how old r u?
    people would only die if i wanted them to die
    just stop please

  5. The make the jammer legal, the school can request a permit. Other businesses? have been able to use them.

  6. @dave1391
    What model is it and what site did you get it from?? Im looking for a good 3W jammer, but they’re hard to find with a good review. Cheers!

  7. @freqazoidiac ~Yes it’s chemtrail .Mother Nature dont do straight lines! LOL….sorry to see that? it’s ‘regular overcast fort the area’…..

  8. @islandboystv People like you should shut up and stop wanting the government to control everything spend you next unemployment check on? a book about the constitution.

  9. @yofukoff

    I have been pretty fair letting people leave any comments.
    Yours on the other hand is off track and has no demerit for YouTube.
    Ill be passing your comment to the complaint form here on YouTube to only have your account scrubbed clean from the web. Your ISP information will allow YouTube to control your behaviour on the web.
    In this day and age, bullying is not tolerated, specially in Port Hardy? BC Canada.

  10. @yofukoff

    The proper authorities would if he did not volunteer this himself.
    This principal did the right thing by shutting it off in the beginning.
    Protest is healthy, I personally admire his attempt to? make this public.
    He sure has done a great job at having you the local student think about this.
    Your threats of violence only adds worry.
    I feel a much greater story has started to unravel in the Port Hardy Secondary School.

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