23 thoughts to “A cell phone jammer is a fun thing.”

  1. sure would come in handy when some dumbass is stopped at a green light yakkin up a storm? happens to me pretty much daily

  2. Up to 60 Feet? Range Cell phone jammer – LINK TO SITE ON MY CHANNEL
    Free shipping and tracking Very cheap price 🙂

  3. If they are? illegal, why do all the cars of important people have them then? Oh yes, so that they can´t activate a remote triggered bomb. So protecting your own life is illegal.
    Strange, in the USA you can buys guns at every corner, but it is illegal to protect yourself??????

  4. You can buy any thing from a crack head.Not only here, but every? where.In the U.S.A.is just a little easier.I protct myself with either with one of my Glocks or my Smith.The U.S.A does have alot of stupid laws.Most of them are for makeing money.Thay county , state and goverment make money from arresting you and getting you to make probation payments.There realy is no such thing as color to the goverment over here.The only color thay see is green.

  5. I believe it is like every country. Where I live there are more people dying from alcohol and Sigarettes (not drugs) a year than from car accidents. But the gouverment doesn´t do a thing about it. Because they get rich from the taxes. As you mention in the USA. I sometimes don´t understand why they don´t have better wapenlaws, when you see? so many shootings and we,asNON-USA only see the ones like in the schools or malls, not the daily ones. It is really a shame.I like the video

  6. How often is someone trying to blow up you car though as? compared to someone important… Just saying.

  7. You never know today as the country where I live there is almost every year a bomb somewhere, so better prevent that, not. I don´t want to become “colatteral damage”? But that is beside the point. My comment was that I find it very strange that you can buy a gun at every corner, but you can not buy that in the usa and other countries. As the? jammer can not hurt anybody while a gun can,but inkmonster0u812 explained it well. The gov only sees money, like any gov does.

  8. LOL these type? of people are always noisy in theaters or restarants and love to use it on these people

  9. Search youtube for detracktor for a? solution to cell phone spying, hacking, eavesdropping, stalking and tracking.

  10. if you are not hurting anyone then I dont care what laws you break. The government can careless about us in America so? I can careless about them.

  11. In the United States, mobile phone companies paid a great deal of money to the Federal Communication Commission (the government organization that regulates use of the airwaves) for the licenses that give them right to use radio spectrum to provide mobile phone service. In return, the FCC aggressively pursues anyone? who causes interference on the mobile phone bands. This includes deliberate jamming and unintentional interference from malfunctioning equipment.

  12. your a douche… Yet cell phone? waves cause brain tumors, ever think that hes saving someones life.

  13. i live in Australia and i love guns <3 hunting all weekend with mates i hate? gun laws t

  14. Same here, + that I dont own a cellphone and never will due to heath affects.. therefore I do NOT want other buggers? lick me in the neck when they use them… keep the distance or get OWNED 🙂

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