5 Minutes With Harold Feld: “The Prison Problem: Cell Phone Jammers and Shrimp Scampi”

In episode five, Harold discusses a bill currently working its way through Congress that would allow prisons to “jam” mobile phone signals by using equipment that is currently illegal to use in the United States. Harold discusses whether or not this is a viable solution to the problem of mobile phone use in prisons and predicts what some of the unintended consequences of jamming might be.

8 thoughts to “5 Minutes With Harold Feld: “The Prison Problem: Cell Phone Jammers and Shrimp Scampi””

  1. Pshh…Let this be a wake up call to people who think that things can’t work right withought? an outright reliance on tec.

    Now that i’m aware of jamming tec. I will be aquiring my own personal “radio space” as soon as possible.

    Nobody owns the ether

  2. Agreed. Cell phone jamming is a band-aid solution – as Harold? said, it allows people to bury the problem without figuring out how it’s happening, and in a prison, all it takes is a crooked guard to flip the switch off and we’re back to square one.

    Cell phone whitelisting is the smartest solution IMHO – let only authorised phones to make calls. Especially if a tower is put on the prison itself to make some extra dosh.

  3. Who has the keys to the asylum?
    I have an order for c block room 40 inmate # 7864543. Could you buzz me in?
    Do you have any weapons?
    What is in the box?
    Just food, eating? and carving utensils.
    Ok, you know how to get there.

    I’m sure jamming cell phones will stop these actions.

  4. but its not a big deal couse im a hacker me my freinds could think of some thing to bypass that like go around the the blocking till the signal is stronger than the blocker and goes around it and get? to were it needs to go. yeah it would take a long time but it would make it

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